2016 Chinese Management Scholars Community (CMSC) Activities at the Academy of Management Meeting

Dear Friends,

To help you plan for the meeting and your trip, let us share with you four upcoming CMSC events that will take place at the Academy in August.

First, as in the past, we will have our open reunion from 7-10 p.m. on Saturday (August 6, this year). Jianhong Chen of University of New Hampshire (jianhong.chen@unh.edu) and Gwen Lee of University of Florida (gwendolyn.lee@warrington.ufl.edu) will be in charge of the event.

  • CMSC- Reunion 

Second, we will offer the research forum (CMSC-RF), Tuesday, August 9, 5-10 p.m. (The Academy activities will end at 5 p.m). Brian Wu of University of Michigan (wux@umich.edu) and Kenneth Huang of National University of Singapore (kennethhuang@nus.edu.sg) will coordinate the research forum.

Third, we will also offer workshop, Wednesday, August 10, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.  Tianxu Chen of Oakland University (tchen234@oakland.edu) and Leigh Anne Liu of Georgia State University (laliu@gsu.edu) will coordinate the workshop.

Last, we will organize Mentors’ Camp (CMSC-Camp), Wednesday, August 10, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. This is an invitation-only event. The purpose of the program is to provide an opportunity for dedicated and promising CMSC members to exchange ideas on further career advancement and community building. Jiangyong Lu of Peking University (lujiangyong@gsm.pku.edu.cn), Yan Ling of George Mason University (yling@gmu.edu) and Haibin Yang of City University of Hong Kong (haibin@cityu.edu.hk) will serve as coordinators.

IMPORTANT: Please note that pre-registration is needed. If interested, please register here (before June 30th). For any logistical questions, please email cmsc@mingjerchen.com

Xun (Brian) Wu (wux@umich.edu) of the University of Michigan, Jiangyong Lu of Peking University (lujiangyong@gsm.pku.edu.cn) and Haibin Yang (haibin@cityu.edu.hk) of City University of Hong Kong will be responsible for the overall coordination of CMSC.

The Chinese Management Scholars Community (CMSC) is an informal, open-platform community that offers career-related services to Chinese (or Chinese-speaking) management scholars. Our community represents a grass-roots, voluntary effort initiated by individuals who are bonded by common interests and values. We are guided by our mission, to pass the baton (傳承), and our core values derive from the “middle” or “zhong” (中) philosophy: integrity, harmony, balance, integration, dynamics, and independence. Founded in 2006 by Ming-Jer Chen (http://www.mingjerchen.com) as a small “workshop” for Chinese scholars in strategic management dedicated to the development of well-balanced business academics, the group is now composed of 500-some members. Our current focus is on serving scholars in the management area, and we offer the following member-centered programs: 1) CMSC-Workshop; 2) CMSC-Reunion; 3) CMSC-RF (Research Forum); 4) CMSC-TF (Teaching Forum); 5) CMSC-Camp (Mentors’ Camp).

Best wishes,

The 2016 CMSC Management Team

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