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學術文章(Academic Papers)

Chen, J., Miller, D. and Chen, M.-J. 2019. “Top management team time horizon blending and organizational ambidexterity,” Strategic Organization. doi: 10.1177/1476127019883669.

“動態競爭研究與教學的「合一」:邁向文化雙融的整合”(陳明哲,林豪傑,連婉茜譯)、回應文: “滿懷教育理念又熱情力行的傑出學者” (唐揆),“器識為先 知行合一 文化雙融 無問西東” (簡禎富),“跨領域商管智慧的積累與傳承” (溫肇東),管理學報,2018,第35卷第4期,頁415-452。

​Chen, M. J. 2018. “Scholarship-practice “oneness” of an academic career: The entrepreneurial pursuit of an expansive view of management scholarship,” Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 35(4): 859–886.

​Chen, M. J. 2018. “The research-teaching ‘oneness’ of competitive dynamics: Toward an ambicultural integration,” Asia Pacific Journal of Management, 35(2): 285–311.



“精读‘学术创业’,浅谈‘学术创新’:评《学术创业:动态竞争理论从无到有的历程》”(Wei Shen, 季周),管理学季刊,2017年第2期,页112-120。

“学术创业:动态竞争理论从无到有的历程” (陈明哲),管理学季刊,2016,第3期,页1-16。评论: “边缘姿态、本元追问、为学为人” (韩巍)。“用‘心’研究不觉累” (刘林青)。“为什么看不到陈明哲了” (贾良定),管理学季刊,2016,第3期,页17-31。

Ming-Jer Chen. 2016. “Competitive Dynamics: Eastern Roots, Western Growth,” Cross Cultural and Strategic Management, 23(4): 510-530.

Hsieh, Kai-Yu,Wenpin Tsai and Ming-Jer Chen. 2015. “If They Can Do It, Why Not Us? Competitors as Reference Points for Justifying Escalation of Commitment,” Academy of Management Journal, 58(1), 38-58.

Chen, Ming-Jer and Danny Miller. 2015. “Reconceptualizing Competitive Dynamics: A Multidimensional Framework,” Strategic Management Journal, 36(5), 758-775.

“文化雙融:一位管理學者的反思與行踐?”(陳明哲講,林豪傑譯)、“回應文:正襟危坐讀文化雙融;一輪明月照九州島島?「文化雙融」的實在與應用;中華文化大使” (彭台光、洪世章、林月雲),管理學報,2014,第31卷第4期,頁263-294。

Chen, Ming-Jer. 2014. “Becoming Ambicultural: A Personal Quest─ and Aspiration for Organizations,” Academy of Management Review, 39(2), 119-137.

Chen, Ming-Jer and Danny Miller. 2012. “Competitive Dynamics: Themes, Trends, and a Prospective Research Platform,” Academy of Management Annals, 6 (1): 135-210.

Chen, Ming-Jer and Danny Miller. 2011. “The Relational Perspective as a Business Mindset: Lessons from East and West,” Academy of Management Perspective, 25 (3): 6-18.

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