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Wingtech Acquires Nexperia: Will the New Company Fly?《UVA-S-0329》

Optimizing Academic Articles: A Practical Guide for Managers《UVA-S-0328》

Hilton China《UVA-S-0324》

Smithfield Foods Activists and Acquisitions《UVA-S-0308》

The Culture-Strategy-Execution Trio: A How-To Guide《UVA-S-0305》

Why Should I Care?《UVA-S-0301》

LEGO Bricks: Fit for the Big Screen?《UVA-S-0296》

Competitor Acumen: The Heart of Competitor Analysis《UVA-S-0293》

Ambiculture: Seeking the Multicultural Middle《UVA-S-0266》

Becoming Ambicultural: A Guide for Managers and Organizations 《UVA-S-0253》

The power of one The strategy diamond framework《UVA-S-0237》

The power of one《UVA-S-0204》

William Controls (A)《UVA-S-0190》

BP Beyond Petroleum《UVA-S-0182》

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