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Book​  专书

  • 陳明哲,2010,動態競爭,台北:智勝文化事業有限公司。

  • 陈明哲,2009,动态竞争,北京:北京大学出版社。

  • Chen, Ming-Jer. 2001/06. “Inside Chinese Business: A Guide for Managers Worldwide,” Harvard Business School Press (German translation by Campus Verlag in 2004 under the title Geschäfte machen mit Chinesen: Insiderwissen für Manager).

专书与专章(Books and Book Chapter)

Book​ Chapter  专章

  • Chen, Ming-Jer. 2011. “Retrospective and Prospective Examination of Chen (1996),” in Gedion Markman and Phil Phan (eds.), Market Entry, Competitive Dynamics, and Entrepreneurship.  Edward Elgar (under the auspices of the Johns Hopkins University), 11-15.

  • Gemino, Javier, Ming-Jer Chen, and Jonghoon Bae, 2006. “Dynamics of Competitive Repositioning: A Multidimensional Approach,” in Joel Baum, S.D. Dobrey, & A. van Witteloostuijin (eds.), Strategy and Ecology: Advanced in Strategic Management, Oxford: UK JAI/ Elsevier, 23, 399-441.

  • Chen, Ming-Jer. 2004. “Competitive Dynamics among Entrepreneurial Firms,” in Michael A. Hitt and R. Duane Ireland (eds.), The Blackwell Encyclopedic of Management, Volume 3 (Entrepreneurship), Oxford, UK: Blackwell Publishers Ltd; 38-40.

  • Chen, Ming-Jer. 2004. “Forward: Wall Street Meets Great Wall,” in Anu Gulati and Angela Li (eds.), Kellogg on China: Successful Strategies, Evanston, IL: Northwestern University Press; xi-xvii.-

  • 陳明哲,1998,全球競爭嶼多國管理的最新趨勢:對華人全球化企業的意涵,海峽兩岸之組織與管理,頁81-131,台北:遠流圖書公司。

  • Venkataraman, Sankaran, Ming-Jer Chen, and Ian. C. MacMillan. 1997. “Anticipating Reactions: Factors that Shape Competitor Responses,” in G. S. Day and D. J. Reibstein (eds.), Wharton on Dynamic Competitive Strategies.  New York: John Wiley & Sons, 198-219.

  • Chen, Ming-Jer. 1997. “Sam Kotz-Teacher and Mentor,” in N. L. Johnson and N. Balakrishnan (eds.), Advances in the Theory and Practice of Statistics: A Volume in Honor of Samuel Kotz.  New York: John Wiley & Sons, 23-27.

  • 方至民採訪,林妍吟記錄整理,1997, 策略管理的教學與研究: 專訪美國賓夕尼亞大學華頓學院陳明哲教授,中山管理評論第五卷第三期 ,頁467-492,高雄:國立中山大學管理學術研究中心

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